I Was on a Horse

Tonight, I was on a Horse. MineCraft 1.6 has arrived with the long awaited Horse Upgrade, and tonight we figured out how to tame and ride horses.

“Gumby’s On a Horse at GamingEDUs” by gamingedus, on Flickr

After riding my horse like a madman around and over everything possible — you can go really fast and jump really high — I found myself climbing up a rainforest tree, without my trusty steed. For some reason, the horse and I had parted company at the base of the tree, and upon descending, I found that I some how had a rope in one hand with the horsie at the other. So I walked and led him out to some nice flat grassland, and then conjured up a fence post (we were in Creative with the other EDUgamers) and hitched him up for safekeeping. I then stood back a couple blocks and took some photos.

"My Little Pony" animated GIF, by GumbyBlockhead

“My Little Pony” animated GIF, by GumbyBlockhead

Of course, I spend 99.9% of my MineCraft life in Survival Mode, where there is no easy conjuring up of resources — every single seed, shard of coal, carrot, stick, chicken feather, or ingot of iron has to be painstakingly collected, grown, refined, or crafted from scratch. So that is where I will find my first, true horse. There, he will be wild, randomly generated, found and tamed by long searching or blind luck. And there, my horse will be given a name, will have a stable with straw, apples, and sugar treats. And there, my horse will carry me Thorughout the World.

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