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Slash Commands for #MinecraftEE 1.0.17

I had a query this evening regarding a link to the /slash commands formerly available on the education.minecraft.net site. In investigating the link, I encountered a 404 error. In fact, the whole collection of articles previously linked in my Minecraft Education Edition #MinecraftEE Part 3 Digging Even Deeper post  were now broken:

“Broken Links on education.minecraft.net,” image by @gumbyblockhead

Nobody likes broken links.

Searching within the Support – Knowledge Base only led to a list of /slash commands from September 19, 2016, last updated on November 1st, 2016. At the time, the document lists 32 unique commands.

By paging through the /help pages for MinecraftEE 1.0.17, I have compiled the following list of 67 commands that exist in the current release. Each command listed below provides the noted parameters and required syntax. Note that I have not had time to test each one as yet. Something for another day.